Free captcha solving chrome extension, please read before downloading!


To download the extension you should:

1. Unzip the file
2. Go to extensions section in Chrome, chrome://extensions
3. Toggle on "Developer mode"
4. Click on "Load unpacked"
5. Select unzipped folder
6. Toggle off "Developer mode"
7. Done

On some sort of captchas, this extension automatically solves them for you. On the captchas that don't get solved automatically, select the captcha input field and press Ctrl+Shift+6.

When a captcha is being solved and has been solved an auditory message is played.

Anonymous data collection:

I'm writing these things because I personally think that data collection is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Many people give away their data without forethought, which can among many things, contribute to worsened democracy and potentially personal security issues!

I'm collecting this data because I need it to implement a system explained in the scientific paper, "Predictive Web Automation Assistant for People with Vision Impairments". With this kind of data you can create very powerful applications to enhance the accessibility of the web!

* If you use the browser extension you will also send anonymous browsing data to a server as long as you use the extension. See the link below to get what data is being collected.
Read what kind of data is being collected
* If you uninstall the extension, no data will be collected.
* If you want to get your data removed, send an email to and I'll fix that ASAP.
* The source code is not hidden, if you want to see more, check the "fetch_data.js" files.

Download free captcha solving chrome extension

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